I am starting to test my first completed build out with friends and trusted acquaintances. There are many of you, and one of me, so I've staggered this phase with a waitlist and three days of access per tester. If you are interested in being a BETA tester, please sign up here and I will gladly add you to the list. Your three day window will, at least for the first handful of testers, be a chance to offer a personalized tour while chatting by phone.

Long Days

A few months ago, a programmer who had helped me in the early stages of this project told me about a developer's conference in late May near Los Gatos, the town where my mother grew up. I looked into it, and the theme, in addition to the technical focus, was art and health, and everything about it seemed like a good fit.

The timing seemed like a reasonable launch date, so I signed myself up and told my friends and family that I was finally going to release my app during this scheduled event.

And here we are, a few days before that date, and I am at my desk, on the tail end of yet another fifteen hour day. I've approached TODAY more like a life purpose than a commercial job but what I've gained in quality, I've paid for in time.

I look forward to sharing my work with you all in a few days.

Organizing the Process

Having heard the local tech community rave (and sometimes rant) about Slack for team communications, and Asana for project management, I took the plunge to try these tools for myself. Asana gave me an excuse to write down my overall plans, which has been helpful in gauging progress. I've been using Slack similar to the way I've used Apple Messages, and like it just fine. I am going to continue using both.